Nyhetsjättar på väg att stämma Google?

Nyhetsjättarna The Associated Press (AP) och The Wall Street Journal är på krigsstigen. I siktet har företagen Google och andra nyhetsaggregatorer. Läs en rewrite hos Metro, eller ”orginalet” på NYTimes eller på News.com.au.

Uppdatering: Google kommenterar:

Users like me are sent from different Google sites to newspaper websites at a rate of more than a billion clicks per month. These clicks go to news publishers large and small, domestic and international — day and night.

And once a reader is on the newspaper’s site, we work hard to help them earn revenue.


In the U.S., the doctrine of fair use enshrined in the US Copyright Act allows us to show snippets and links. The fair use doctrine protects transformative uses of content, such as indexing to make it easier to find.

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